Thursday, 11 December 2008

Saraswati Sthuti / Ya Kundeedu

Telugu Lyrics Of Saraswati Sthuthi

యా కుందేందు తుషార హారధవళా

యా శుభ్రవస్త్రాన్వితా

యా వీణావరదండమండితకరా

యా శ్వేతపద్మాసనా

యా బ్రహ్మాచ్యుత శంకర ప్రభృతిభి దేవై సదా పూజితా

సా మాం పాతు సరస్వతి భగవతి నిఃశ్శేషజాడ్యాపహా.

Meaning: (from Basara Temple)

May that Goddess - Bhagavathi - the blessed Saraswathi presiding deity of learning and remover of our lethargy, laziness and ignorance, protect us. She is pure and white like the jasmine, the full moon and the garland like formation of dewdrops. She is dressed in a spotless robe. She has in her hand, the auspicious instrument veena. She is seated on a white lotus. She is the one who is always respected by Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, Shankara the annihilator and other Gods.


pavi said...

Hai sailaja,very nice idea .keep going ,all thr best.

siri said...

hi sailaja,so nice keep going.

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