Friday, 26 December 2008

Gayatri Mantram

English Lyrics Of Gayatri Manthram

Om bhur bhuvah svah
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Got 'full meaning' of 'Gayatri Mantra' from Enlightened Beings:

Through the coming, going and the balance of life
the essential nature which illumes existence is the adorable one may all perceive through subtle intellect
the brilliance of enlightenment

Got word to word meaning from TeluguPeople:

1. Om = the word that means 'GOD' - 'the Universe Absolute'.

* Actually, this word has three sounds A.. U.. M.. meaning waking, dreaming, sleeping respectively. It is the sum and substance of all words that emanate from the throat.

2. Bhu = the earth

3. Bhuva = the atmosphere

4 .Svah = beyond the atmosphere

* By chanting these three words, a person contemplates the glory of God that illumines the three worlds or the regions of experience

5. Tat = which simply means 'that'

6. Savitur = Divine sun i.e., the ultimate light of wisdom (not the ordinary sun)

7. Varenium = adore

8. Bhargo = illumination

9. Devasya = divine grace

10. Dheemahi = we contemplate

11. Dhiyo = intellect

12. Yo = who

13. Nah = ours

14. Prachodayat = requesting or praying

* The rest of the words constitute the prayer for final liberation through the awakening of our true intelligence.


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